The Homebuying Process

Although some people prefer to stay renters their whole life, others buy early and move up as their needs change. Although the ultimate goal of homeownership is to have a roof over your head that is yours, a side benefit is that you build equity through the years. All the money that would go to your landlord as a renter is used to pay off your home asset, which is also appreciating over time!

Each homebuyer is unique and has their own journey to look forward to, the basic process for buying a home is as follows:

Analyze Your Home Needs – Are you looking for a single story home Downtown with proximity to the college? Or how about a riverfront home with a sprawling landscape and room for multiple generations? Your agent will talk about your dreams and goals and help you determine a path for getting there.

The Mortgage – Making sure your lender is on board as early in the process as possible is critical. Ruston Properties has an in-house lender as well as other lenders who can help you with your next steps if you haven’t built that relationship yet. Getting pre-approved for a loan will make the process smoother both in terms of your offer and with closing.

Search and Home Viewing –You may already know what you want…or perhaps you haven’t addressed your wants and needs. Your real estate agent will help you determine your home search parameters and will develop a plan to view homes with you that meet your criteria. You may also be searching online in the meantime!

The Offer and Negotiations – Making sure your agent knows your goals in terms of your bottom line is a critical step here as they will be better-equipped to negotiate for the items that are most important to you.

When you work with an agent at Ruston Properties to buy a home, you can expect a wealth of information and expertise!