Meet Michelle Ruston

Many REALTORS® come from backgrounds which give them an edge on the market. But few are as exceptionally suited to the vocation as Michelle Ruston, the owner and managing broker of Ruston Properties, a boutique real estate firm in Baton Rouge.

Michelle and her husband had spent more than a decade purchasing and renovating investment properties before opening up the brokerage. She has an exclusive understanding of all the facets of purchasing an investment property – residential or commercial to hold and/or to sell for profit. She also has a knack for property development, imagining and then implementing a property so it is utilized to its highest and best use.

Along the way, Michelle has cultivated relationships with the local industry professionals including builders, general contractors, electrical and plumbing contractors, and roofing companies in addition to real estate agents and brokers, lenders, escrow officers and more. This extensive and deep networking contributed to her success then and enriches her community connections now. In addition, the high-quality referrals Michelle can offer her clients enable them to put the best face on the properties they plan to sell, and get them on the path to renovating homes they purchase.

Michelle’s years of experience plus additional specialized training in investments, property management, foreclosures, commercial, single family residences and technology make her uniquely qualified to lead her real estate office and share this training with the agents fortunate enough to call Ruston Properties home. She didn’t start out imagining a real estate brokerage, but when you have a unique commercial space, are willing to share your knowledge, and have a fee structure that makes the local real estate community sit up and take notice, you can’t help but to attract the agent public and grow. Capture all this market knowledge and keen experience and make Michelle Ruston your partner in your next real estate venture.